Imeglimin to the Rescue: Enhanced CHOP/GADD34/eIF2α Signaling Axis Promotes β-Cell Survival. Diabetes. 2022 Mar 1;71(3):376-378. 

ER stress and CHOP level in β-cell survival by imeglimin. In response to insulin demand, UPR is associated with induction of β-cell proliferation and β-cell mass expansion. However, under chronic or overt ER stress conditions (e.g., Tg) with increased levels of ER stress, CHOP is associated with cell death. Uniquely, imeglimin treatment protects β-cell apoptosis from ER stress (e.g., Tg) by promoting further increase in expression of CHOP and GADD34, reversing eIF2α phosphorylation and, thereby, global translation.